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DSC could save your life

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is primarily used to initiate distress calls to shore stations and other vessels via your DSC radio. All DSC-equipped shore stations and vessels will hear your distress signal as an alarm. It will be repeated every 4 minutes until acknowledged. A DSC alert signal has a 15% greater range than a voice transmission and therefore is more likely to reach a vessel or rescue center  ...

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DSC is a critical equipment for boats

DSC means that Digital selecting calling is a stand for transmitting pre-defined digital messages via the MF, HF, or VHF maritime radio systems to replace a voice call in older procedures, which is a core part of the GMDSS. DSC signal is stable and has no squelch, so the communication distance is longer than the analog signal. And the transmit speed of the DSC signal is also significantly faster.  ...

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DSC Can Save Your Life

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is primarily used to initiate distress calls to shore stations and other vessels via your DSC radio and provides recipients of your emergency call with: Your Vessel’s Identity  ...

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Are DSC and Floating function really important?

Speaking of DSC, arguably the single most distinguishing feature of any handheld VHF (even more so than battery life) is whether or not it includes this feature—a technology that allows the user to send out a digital distress message to the Coast Guard or any other DSC-equipped vessels in the area that clearly indicates your identity, your location and the nature of the emergency.  ...

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Can I use a handheld VHF DSC for ATIS?

Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS) is equipment developed to identify vessels travelling on the inland waterways of several European countries. These countries together form the Regional Arrangement Concerning the Radiotelephone Service on Inland Waterways, or RAINWAT.  ...

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RA27 enter-level VHF marine radio

Retevis powerful VHF RA27 marine radios have been designed for both OEM and aftermarket applications. Featuring an updated industrial design and sleek aesthetics. The RA27 is Retevis’s entry-level radio, offering 25W of transmit power and Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) compatibility via NMEA 2000.  ...

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Setting Up RA27 With Digital Selective Calling

DSC is one of the best deals in town. Setting up your VHF radio with digital selective calling is simple, and it could save your life. If you've bought a VHF radio in the last few years, chances are it has a red distress button on the front. Lift the flap, press and hold the button for five seconds, and details of your vessel, your position, and the fact that you require urgent  ...

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Distress Alert

Distress alerts may be transmitted as a single frequency or a multi-frequency call attempt preceded by a dot pattern. MF/HF equipment should be capable of using both single and multi-frequency call attempts. Where a distress alert attempt contains more than one consecutive distress alert on the same frequency, these consecutive alerts should be transmitted with no gap between the end of one call and the start of the dot pattern of the following call to enable bit synchronization to be maintained  ...

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The Importance Of Emergence Calls Information

This is an epidemic problem as ninety percent of boaters who call the Coast Guard for emergency help have not both registered and interconnected their VHF radios, meaning that our 21st Century safety network will not work.  ...

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Handheld VHF marine radio VS Fixed mount marine radio

First, what is a handheld VHF? A handheld VHF is as it sounds, a VHF radio that fits in your hand. These radios are a lightweight, compact solution that can go anywhere you do, even outside your vessel. The trade-off for having a portable solution is that it will have a decreased range when compared to its fixed mount counterparts。  ...

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