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Introducing Retevis RM40 features 一

As a high-end professional maritime radio, retevis RM40 is a new product launched by retevis marine. It is loved by users for its excellent functional features and high cost performance, and is the best choice for maritime practitioners. Because of its powerful function, it is no less powerful than the fixed shipboard platform. Some common shipboard platform users don't realize that it is difficult to use  ...

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Retevis RM40 characteristics

Retevis RM40 is a professional VHF radio newly launched by retevis, which is suitable for use on board. This new handheld marine VHF radio has powerful functions, including professional built-in DSC receiver, built-in GPS and active noise reduction technology, as well as high contrast dot matrix display and soft keys, which makes the operation more convenient and comfortable. Let's talk about its characteristics.  ...

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New Product Recommend

As a world-renowned supplier of walkie talkies, Retevis provides people with the latest technology and quality services. Its retevis marine, as a professional marine radio supply platform, is committed to providing the latest lifesaving technology to more people at sea at an affordable price. Today announced the availability of the new Retevis Marine Floating Handheld marine VHF radio. In an emergency, you can directly contact the coast guard or other vessels to report your exact location.  ...

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