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Simple ways to improve your marine radio coverage

The antenna is an important component to marine radios and if there’s an issue with the antenna there’s going to be an issue with your coverage and range. Check to make sure the radio’s antenna is not bent, cracked, or otherwise broken to the point that the metal coiled antenna piece is exposed. In addition, make sure the antenna is screwed on correctly to the antenna connector of the radio.  ...

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What to consider when choosing a VHF marine radio

Look at why you need a VHF marine radio and ask yourself “ what is best for me?” If you want to move onto venturing further out to sea, a small budget fixed radio providing the extra range may be worth considering. A large yacht sailing further offshore will need greater range so a fixed mount radio will be a better solution. And all boat and yacht should consider AIS function.  ...

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Choose the right antenna

Choose the right antenna for your VHF marine radio, if you connect to the wrong antenna, even the best marine radio will not perform to their optimum. A radio needs a well-matched load (antenna) to allow the efficient conversion of electrical energy into radio waves. So we suggest you use a good quality antenna and give some of the cosiderations to you.  ...

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What are the AIS functions?

With more and more leisure boats venturing further from their local shores, safety is paramount. Leisure boat users may be sailing in the same waters as large commercial vessels and will need to have their position and information noted to avoid any collision. This is what AIS (Automatic Identification System) does.  ...

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What key features do you want your radio to have?

Communication. It’s essential.  You wouldn’t take a long car ride without your cell phone and you shouldn’t be without a VHF radio when out on the water. A hand-held VHF radio is something all boaters should have.  When looking for a VHF radio, there are however several key features you want your radio to have.  ...

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VHF marine radio-Necessity for every boater

Whether you’re cruising a lake or out at sea, a marine radio is an essential piece of equipment, navigation, and safety equipment that might just save your life in an emergency. Part of an international system of two-way radio transceivers, marine radios let you communicate with the Coast Guard, other watercraft, or people onshore.  ...

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Are DSC and Floating function really important?

Speaking of DSC, arguably the single most distinguishing feature of any handheld VHF (even more so than battery life) is whether or not it includes this feature—a technology that allows the user to send out a digital distress message to the Coast Guard or any other DSC-equipped vessels in the area that clearly indicates your identity, your location and the nature of the emergency.  ...

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How to set MMSI on your VHF marine radio

MMSI is Maritime Mobile Service Identity and a unique 9 digit number that is entered into DSC-marine radio equipment. The MMSI number contain you or your vessel information. When using this equipment to send a distress alert or to indicate some other emergency, the number is transferred into the coast guard’s database to assists the emergency services center to identify you or your vessel and react quickly.  ...

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How To Use Your VHF Marine Radio

Here are some basic pointers for VHF marine radio newbies. Even if you're a seasoned hand, it is worth pointing this out and passing it on to green hands aboard. Think of you're loved ones, friends, crew-mates, or passengers in your care completely helpless should you become incapacitated.  ...

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Purpose Of VHF Marine Radio Channels

For novices, we need to study carefully what the channels of maritime walkie-talkies mean and what functions they have. Below we will introduce the uses of some common channels.  ...

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