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How to get an ATIS number

How to get an ATIS number

How To Enable ATIS Function On Your VHF Radio?

First of all, make sure that your VHF is capable of ATIS transmissions. Otherwise, you will have to acquire the appropriate model, there is a choice of ATIS-enabled radios from different manufacturers on the market.

Before traveling on inland waterways of RAINWAT countries, you must enable the ATIS mode of your VHF radio transceiver. This function is programmed by the manufacturer or your local dealer (on your request).

As a result, your radio will have an additional channel group - “ATIS”. Select the ATIS group whilst sailing in the waters of Europe. No additional programming is required afterwards.

When leaving this region, simply switch back to marine (DSC) mode, so that the ATIS function is disabled. 

Important: When operating in ATIS mode, the following functions of VHF radio are not available:

  • use of DSC;
  • channel scanning;
  • dual/tri-watch operations.

Marine VHF Radios Are The Subject Of An Annual Radio Survey. What About The ATIS?

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires that marine VHF radios (as a part of GMDSS equipment) be regularly tested and maintained. Therefore, its inspection is mandatory. 

As for the ATIS system, it has a regional application, and its operation is regulated by the European Standard ETSI EN 300 698-1 (Annex B). According to this document, main technical parameters must be tested. 

It’s necessary to decode ATIS protocol which should correspond to the programmed ATIS data in the equipment under test. 

Are GMDSS Testers By Aeromarine SRT Able To Test The ATIS Function Of Marine VHF Radios?

In the near future, this feature will appear in our GMDSS multi tester MRTS-7M. It will be available with the next firmware update. 

There will be a separate TEST ATIS menu with the ability to check the frequency, power, and the message decoding.


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