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  • USB Charging (Micro-B USB type)
  • IPX7 Waterproof Construction (1m depth of water for 30 minutes)
  • Floats and Flashes Alarm, Vibration Draining Function
  • Built-in GPS,Built-in DSC,MOB Function
  • IPX7 Waterproof Construction(1 m depth of water for 30 minutes)
  • Floats and Flashes Alarm,Vibration Draining Function
  • The IP67 and float on the water
  • Vibration Water Draining Function
  • All USA/Internation/Canadian Marine Channels

The RA27 is a unique VHF radio with an integrated GPS receiver and exact location for a true life-saving device. Instant emergency channel 16/9, and access to all NOAA weather channels make this a complete solution.


The special antenna for ship platform is encapsulated in glass fiber reinforced plastic, waterproof and corrosion resistant; contains pure copper vibrator, has a long communication distance, is equipped with an adjustable fixed base, and can adjust the antenna angle by 180°; includes all maritime frequency bands and can be installed on the ship or outdoors.


Marine Radio Communications

Retevis Marine offers communications and marine radios designed to enhance convenience and safety for mariners worldwide. Marine VHF radios equipped with DSC can send and receive digital emergency messages, private calls, and general calls. DSC significantly improves the chances of rapid rescue. The most important aspect of communications equipment is maintaining the balance between advanced Radio technology and human interaction; we refer to it as the MMI (man-machine interface). A full range of Marine VHF radios that are unsurpassed for quality, excellence, and reliability.


Port Systems


River and Lock System


Marine Search and Rescue, GMDSS


Border Police Solutions


Offshore Solutions


Systems for Mandatory Reporting Areas