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Offshore Marine Communication Systems

The latest standards for long distance offshore marine communication systems have changed over the years; are you up to date with the latest safety standards? Flags and semaphores were once main forms of long distance offshore marine communication. Radio telecommunication has seen a huge rise over the last century, thanks to advances in technology, leading to the vast changes that increase overall safety.  ...

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Why VHF marine radios are used out at sea

Anything can happen out on the water. Thankfully, two-way radios offer marine solutions to keep your crew safe, well-connected, and prepared to respond to an emergency. To keep vessels and the lives they transport as safe as possible, there are several systems and technologies working together for both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications.   ...

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Marine VHF Radio Of The Retevis RA27

The Retevis RA27 offers everything you could ever want from a VHF marine radio. The sound quality is impeccable! Plus, the radio has an adjustable multicolor LCD screen, integrated GPS, and DSC. It can be used on VHF bands. The adjustable audio feature allows clear messages to be communicated across the noisiest environments. The internal speaker has a rated output of 3W, hence why sound quality is so sufficient.   ...

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4 Benefits of working with our marine communication consultants

Our goal throughout the consulting and assessment process is to determine the most cost effective and efficient solution to meet your needs. If privacy is of greatest concern, we have you covered! If you’re more concerned with communication reliability… no need to worry! Our team has vast experience with design, installation, and follow-up service—allowing you to provide greater attention and oversight to safety. In fact, we have delivered countless custom radio systems and solutions.  ...

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How the frequency of marine radio works

Marine radios have transmitters that send out radio waves and receivers that pick up radio waves. The radio waves produced will have a set frequency. Specific groups of frequencies behave differently. For marine radio we group frequencies as: Very high frequency (VHF), Medium frequency (MF), High frequency (HF).  ...

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Distress Alert

Distress alerts may be transmitted as a single frequency or a multi-frequency call attempt preceded by a dot pattern. MF/HF equipment should be capable of using both single and multi-frequency call attempts. Where a distress alert attempt contains more than one consecutive distress alert on the same frequency, these consecutive alerts should be transmitted with no gap between the end of one call and the start of the dot pattern of the following call to enable bit synchronization to be maintained  ...

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FAQ of Marine VHF Radio License

One of the most questions customers ask us is “Is marine VHF radio free license? Do I need to apply for a certificate when I buy a marine VHF radio? So here we talk you about those questions.  ...

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DSC Can Save Your Life

Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is primarily used to initiate distress calls to shore stations and other vessels via your DSC radio and provides recipients of your emergency call with: Your Vessel’s Identity  ...

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Can I use a handheld VHF DSC for ATIS?

Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS) is equipment developed to identify vessels travelling on the inland waterways of several European countries. These countries together form the Regional Arrangement Concerning the Radiotelephone Service on Inland Waterways, or RAINWAT.  ...

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AIS Fishing Net Buoys is not AIS

What is AIS? AIS is an important maritime navigation safety communications system intended to limit maritime accidents by automatically broadcasting and exchanging marine vessel information – including a vessel's identity, type, position, course, speed, navigational status, and other safety-related information – between and among AIS-equipped shore stations, aircraft, and other vessels.  ...

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