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The Importance Of Having Marine VHF Radios On board

VHF radios are cheap to buy these days, have a long lifespan, and are easy and quick to use. The beauty of using a VHF radio is that it is a “one to many” communication system. This means that if you broadcast on Channel 16, the call-up and emergency channel, other VHF radios turned on in your area will hear you. If you need assistance quickly, then other boats in your area are your best option.  ...

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Marine VHF Radio RA27 MMSI Parameter Setting

There are two types of maritime VHF radio: Handheld and fixed, in which the fixed maritime VHF radio contains MMSI code. Different brands of maritime VHF radios have different editing methods for MMSI code. The following is a brief introduction to the MMSI code editing method of RA27.  ...

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What to consider when you choose a Marine VHF radio?

Marine VHF radio is an important safety tool for mariners, but the wide range of available models and functions makes it difficult to choose when buying. Below we give some suggestions to help you make a choice. First, the Marine VHF radio must be easy to use. The maritime climate and environment change rapidly. Second, the Marine VHF radio must have standard power, 25W or 5W.  ...

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Handheld VHF marine radio VS Fixed mount marine radio

First, what is a handheld VHF? A handheld VHF is as it sounds, a VHF radio that fits in your hand. These radios are a lightweight, compact solution that can go anywhere you do, even outside your vessel. The trade-off for having a portable solution is that it will have a decreased range when compared to its fixed mount counterparts。  ...

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Benefits of a VHF Marine Antenna

It’s for good reason that we make high quality marine VHF (Very High Frequency) antennas available. The higher band of a marine VHF antenna provides a user with a variety of benefits; especially over HF (High Frequency) band. This is why local governments and several broadcasters have switched from the HF band to the VHF band.  ...

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VHF marine radio etiquette

In most places, boats are required to have a VHF radio on board. For cruising sailors, VHF radio is nearly ubiquitous. Even if you are near shore and have a smartphone, VHF radio is still important equipment. Marine bulletins, weather broadcasts, ship traffic information, DSC emergency calling, and the ability to broadcast information to many people at a once are a few reasons.  ...

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What are the differency between VHF and UHF radios?

One of the biggest newbies is whether they should buy UHF or VHF radios. UHF and VHF refer to the frequencies these radios transmit. Which radio type is right for you depends on your individual circumstances and UHF and VHF radios provide differing advantages.  ...

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How to test a VHF marine radio?

In the past, the Sea Tow automatic radio inspection system could be used in the U.S.A to detect the VHF marine radio, this system can be used on VHF channels 24 to 28. But now, this system is no longer available and was terminated on October 2, 2020. How can we continue to test our VHF marine radio for free? The answer is Rescue 21 coastal stations.  ...

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Irish VHF marine channel change

Recently, Ireland adjusted the maritime channels, the move follows amendments to transmitting frequencies, to harmonise the VHF maritime mobile band internationally, which also require the coastguard to upgrade its radio equipment at a number of sites. The Irish Coast Guard is currently making changes to its VHF working channels currently used for communications with the public.  ...

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Guide of VHF Marine Radio

The most popular way of communicating at sea is via a marine VHF (Very High Frequency) set. These are combined transmitter/receivers that operate on allocated frequencies known as ‘channels’. Marine VHF radios are used for a variety of purposes including; contacting harbours, marinas, locks, summoning the rescue services and ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship communication.  ...

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