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Offshore Marine Communication Systems

The latest standards for long distance offshore marine communication systems have changed over the years; are you up to date with the latest safety standards? Flags and semaphores were once main forms of long distance offshore marine communication. Radio telecommunication has seen a huge rise over the last century, thanks to advances in technology, leading to the vast changes that increase overall safety.  ...

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Why VHF marine radios are used out at sea

Anything can happen out on the water. Thankfully, two-way radios offer marine solutions to keep your crew safe, well-connected, and prepared to respond to an emergency. To keep vessels and the lives they transport as safe as possible, there are several systems and technologies working together for both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications.   ...

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Finding the best VHF marine radio for yachts

The best two-way radio systems for yachts help keep everyone safe while enabling clear and consistent communication across the ship, and all the way back on land. Many things can go wrong out at sea, from ice blocking the designated route to rough currents that threaten to capsize a boat. If anything goes wrong, the ability to communicate is key to getting assistance in a timely manner. Hence, why two-way radios are a staple necessity onboard yachts, or any other type of vessel.  ...

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What are the differency between VHF and UHF radios?

One of the biggest newbies is whether they should buy UHF or VHF radios. UHF and VHF refer to the frequencies these radios transmit. Which radio type is right for you depends on your individual circumstances and UHF and VHF radios provide differing advantages.  ...

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The important of marine vhf radio when sea fishing

Sea fishing/offshore fishing is an exciting sport and popular loved by people. If you wanna do this, as part of your planning, you not only need fishing rods, baits, and other devices but more importantly, a marine handheld radio is a necessary equipment for handling trouble offshore and even saving your life. Marine handheld radio allows you to communicate with others on the sea that is a very important thing. You can request assistance at CH-16 or talk to other fishermen by other channels.  ...

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