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The Importance Of Having Marine VHF Radios On board

VHF radios are cheap to buy these days, have a long lifespan, and are easy and quick to use. The beauty of using a VHF radio is that it is a “one to many” communication system. This means that if you broadcast on Channel 16, the call-up and emergency channel, other VHF radios turned on in your area will hear you. If you need assistance quickly, then other boats in your area are your best option.  ...

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The Importance Of Emergence Calls Information

This is an epidemic problem as ninety percent of boaters who call the Coast Guard for emergency help have not both registered and interconnected their VHF radios, meaning that our 21st Century safety network will not work.  ...

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Marine radio--Handheld VS Built-in

With the development of technology, communication has become more and more convenient, but new technology hasn’t replaced the marine radio. If your boat is boat is broken down, sinking, capsized or there is a medical emergency, you will need a radio to call for help. If you are going more than five miles offshore, we highly recommend having either VHF, a 27 MHz, or HF radio. While you are at sea, you must have your radio turned on and tuned to the distress frequency.  ...

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Handheld VHF marine radio VS Fixed mount marine radio

First, what is a handheld VHF? A handheld VHF is as it sounds, a VHF radio that fits in your hand. These radios are a lightweight, compact solution that can go anywhere you do, even outside your vessel. The trade-off for having a portable solution is that it will have a decreased range when compared to its fixed mount counterparts。  ...

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Retevis Marine RA26

The RA26 is Retevis entry-level VHF handheld. It has eight front-panel keys that illuminate when pressed and provide access to all features. The RA26 is internally regulated, meaning there is no charging cradle-you charge it by simply plugging the wall charger directly into the radio. This gives users one less component to worry about as there is no cradle and no exposed, corrosion-prone metal contact points to contend with. A watertight, screw-in cover protects the charging port on the radio.  ...

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What Makes a Great Two-Way Radio System for Yachts?

Marine VHF radios should be intrinsically safe, which means that the wiring of the equipment is designed to withstand high heat, dust, and water. In other words, even if something major goes wrong onboard a ship, the radio should still operate to communicate and alert the appropriate authorities.  ...

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The most important electrician for your yacht

The best VHF marine radio systems for yachts help keep everyone safe while enabling clear and consistent communication across the ship, and all the way back on land. Many things can go wrong out at sea, from ice blocking the designated route to rough currents that threaten to capsize a boat. If anything goes wrong, the ability to communicate is key to getting assistance in a timely manner. Hence, why VHF marine radios are a staple necessity onboard yachts or any other type of vessel.  ...

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Maritime Communication Solutions

Anything can happen out on the water. Thankfully, two-way radios offer marine solutions to keep your crew safe, well-connected and prepared to respond to an emergency. To keep vessels and the lives they transport as safe as possible, there are several systems and technologies working together for both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications.   ...

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The importance of Marine radio on Inland Waterways

Not everyone knows the flag language and light signals on the ship. But the inland waterways are becoming busier with increased commercial traffic, the VHF marine radio is becoming an essential piece of equipment. Now many countries have stipulated that boats on inland waterways must also carry VHF marine radios, such as Witham and Humber. As a result, many users of boats are being advised to use VHF marine radio as a primary safety tool to aid communication and navigation.  ...

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GMDSS Sea Areas

GMDSS is an internationally agreed radio safety system and communication protocol for ships mandated by the International Maritime Organisation(IMO). Ships engaged in international shipping (SOLAS vessels) are obliged to carry GMDSS certified communication equipment. If the emergency was to happen and the ship needed rescue and support, they must use an internationally accepted safety system that can alert nearby ships for help.  ...

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