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The Importance Of Having Marine VHF Radios On board

The Importance Of Having Marine VHF Radios On board

I am amazed at the number of recreational boates that do not carry a marine VHF radio for their own safety.

VHF radios are cheap to buy these days, have a long lifespan, and are easy and quick to use.

The beauty of using a VHF radio is that it is a “one to many” communication system. This means that if you broadcast on Channel 16, the call-up and emergency channel, other VHF radios turned on in your area will hear you. If you need assistance quickly, then other boats in your area are your best option. Telephone calls can only be made to one contact at a time and typically this help needs to come from the shore.

VHF radios are also made for the harsh marine environment. Most are fully waterproof and are made to withstand salty conditions well protected against oxidation and seizures. The equipment is more dependable and is more likely to work when you need to use it in a hurry. Prices for radios are reducing overtime. You can now purchase basic fixed radios for under $200. And handheld radios start at a similar cost.

Retevis Marine provides professional marine VHF radios and technical team, has an excellent performance in after-sales. Our RT55 and RA26 marine VHF radios with good waterproof performance and long-distance communication ability, satisfy many users and are more assured of sailing, fishing, and competitive games at sea.

Warm tips, before buying the marine VHF radio, please ask our customer service or your local Coast Guard whether it meets the use requirements, whether to provide other certificates, etc. This will help you use the marine VHF radio more quickly.

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