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Daily Archives:September 10,2020

Setting Up RA27 With Digital Selective Calling

DSC is one of the best deals in town. Setting up your VHF radio with digital selective calling is simple, and it could save your life. If you've bought a VHF radio in the last few years, chances are it has a red distress button on the front. Lift the flap, press and hold the button for five seconds, and details of your vessel, your position, and the fact that you require urgent  ...

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DSC is a critical equipment for boats

DSC means that Digital selecting calling is a stand for transmitting pre-defined digital messages via the MF, HF, or VHF maritime radio systems to replace a voice call in older procedures, which is a core part of the GMDSS. DSC signal is stable and has no squelch, so the communication distance is longer than the analog signal. And the transmit speed of the DSC signal is also significantly faster.  ...

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