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What to consider when you choose a Marine VHF radio?

Marine VHF radio is an important safety tool for mariners, but the wide range of available models and functions makes it difficult to choose when buying. Below we give some suggestions to help you make a choice. First, the Marine VHF radio must be easy to use. The maritime climate and environment change rapidly. Second, the Marine VHF radio must have standard power, 25W or 5W.  ...

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VHF marine radio etiquette

In most places, boats are required to have a VHF radio on board. For cruising sailors, VHF radio is nearly ubiquitous. Even if you are near shore and have a smartphone, VHF radio is still important equipment. Marine bulletins, weather broadcasts, ship traffic information, DSC emergency calling, and the ability to broadcast information to many people at a once are a few reasons.  ...

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Different License About Marine VHF Radio

There are many licenses about Marie VHF radio. If you want to use a marine VHF radio, you can learn about different licenses according to your needs. Here are the types of different license, which are mainly divided into two categories: Operator’s License and Ship’s Radio License.  ...

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Marine VHF Radio RA27 MMSI Parameter Setting

There are two types of maritime VHF radio: Handheld and fixed, in which the fixed maritime VHF radio contains MMSI code. Different brands of maritime VHF radios have different editing methods for MMSI code. The following is a brief introduction to the MMSI code editing method of RA27.  ...

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FAQ of Marine VHF Radio License

One of the most questions customers ask us is “Is marine VHF radio free license? Do I need to apply for a certificate when I buy a marine VHF radio? So here we talk you about those questions.  ...

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Introduction of Marine VHF Radio Frequency

Some novice crew members have some doubts about the frequency of marine VHF radio. This article gives a brief explanation of the frequency of marine VHF radio.  ...

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Do we have a marine VHF radio if we already have a cell phone?

For many sailors, cell phones have become their primary means of both ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communication. Even the Coast Guard will often ask for a cell number after it receives a distress call. None of this, however, makes a VHF radio any less important. A handheld VHF marine radio is your lifeline at sea; be on the ship, watercraft or boat sailing, fishing, or just doing your job.  ...

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Why should i have a VHF marine radio

We often get people asking us why they should purchase a Marine VHF Radio when a cell phone can have a strong signal whilst out on the water. The answer is simple – we acknowledge that cell phones are a great tool to have on a boat…But – VHF radios are a form of communication that will ensure your distress messages are broadcasted and are more likely to get a rapid response of help.  ...

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VHF Marine Radio User Guide II

Before you travel, please check whether your handheld marine radio is working properly and whether it can receive information Don’t forget that a marine VHF radio is not a private phone call and everyone in the range can hear you. Foul language will not only be offensive to other users but is also not allowed under the rules in your license.  ...

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VHF marine radio for trainers

In a few weeks, various sailing competitions will be held one after another. Many people began to prepare various equipment, and many enthusiasts participated in the training. The coaches in the training center will do their best. Therefore, almost every coach must have a VHF marine radio.  ...

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