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The importance of Marine radio on Inland Waterways

The importance of Marine radio on Inland Waterways

Not everyone knows the flag language and light signals on the ship. But the inland waterways are becoming busier with increased commercial traffic, the VHF marine radio is becoming an essential piece of equipment. Now many countries have stipulated that boats on inland waterways must also carry VHF marine radios, such as Witham and Humber. As a result, many users of boats are being advised to use VHF marine radio as a primary safety tool to aid communication and navigation.

Marine VHF radio provides a means to communicate with other vessels and shore stations on operational, navigation, and safety matters. It’s a matter of safety and the reason for us to use marine radio. Marine radio provides a means for you to call for locks to be a prepared or moveable bridge to be swung or raised in advance of your arrival, because marine radio is common among commercial vessels and become a tendency for boats in Inland waterways. People can hear you on the radio, and then they will know where you are likely to be and if necessary, they will call you to warn of their approach.

Now, the VHF marine radio sets are relatively inexpensive and high-quality. So many brands have a discount activity, such as Retevis Marine. the license is easy to obtain. You only visit the locate a marine website to obtain the information of license. With the gradual warming of the weather, more and more friends choose to drive their own yachts or boats and spend a wonderful day with their family and friends. At that time, the marine radio will be particularly important, because it can communicate with other friends on the boat in time to avoid collisions and prevent teammates from getting lost.

Retevis Marine RA26 and RT55 have high-quality and waterproof function, they can meet your needs about VHF marine radio. If you want to know more about marine radio, please contact us by email: or leave a comment on our official website forum.

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