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VHF marine radio-Necessity for every boater

VHF marine radio-Necessity for every boater

What is Marine Radio?

Whether you’re cruising a lake or out at sea, a marine radio is an essential piece of equipment, navigation, and safety equipment that might just save your life in an emergency. Part of an international system of two-way radio transceivers, marine radios let you communicate with the Coast Guard, other watercraft, or people onshore.

Because they use very high frequency (VHF) FM channels, marine radios are also referred to as VHF radios. Boaters have access to a variety of useful channels that empower them to monitor their surroundings. And if you’re using a Cobra Marine Radio models MR F 77 models and MR HH 600 models with the innovative feature of a built-in GPS chip, you have the ability to send position information and distress signals at the touch of a button without your VFH radio being wired to a GPS.

What to Look For in a Marine Radio

Available as fixed-mount units or portable walkie-talkie style devices, marine radios come with a range of basic to advanced features. Cobra Marine Radios take advantage of the latest technologies to ensure your marine radio is powerful and incredibly easy to use. 

Built-In GPS
Your marine radio instantly knows your coordinates for sending distress signals. The advanced Retevis RA27 has an integrated GPS receiver keeping tabs on your exact location.

• Weather Alerts
Instant, 24-hour access to national All-Hazards and weather information with all NOAA weather channels. Audible tones and visual alerts let you know if nasty weather is approaching.

• Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
Send distress signals and exchange position information with other boats or stations at the touch of a button. The  RA 27is DSC-capable for ultimate safety.



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