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The most important electrician for your yacht

The most important electrician for your yacht

The best VHF marine radio systems for yachts help keep everyone safe while enabling clear and consistent communication across the ship, and all the way back on land. Many things can go wrong out at sea, from ice blocking the designated route to rough currents that threaten to capsize a boat. If anything goes wrong, the ability to communicate is key to getting assistance in a timely manner. Hence, why VHF marine radios are a staple necessity onboard yachts or any other type of vessel.

It goes without saying that mobile devices are not a viable option for communicating on a ship. For one, mobile devices do not work once you get a certain distance from the coast. Not to mention, they aren’t nearly as durable as marine VHF marine radios, which are specially designed to withstand elements found onboard a ship in normal and emergency conditions. Even if a boat is outfitted with the latest technology and GPS tracking systems, you still need VHF marine radios to enable clear and reliable communication.

Other important points are price and waterproof. The price of a VHF marine radio is much lower than a mobile phone. The money for one mobile phone is enough for several marine radios. However, the phone is not very practical on your yacht, why? The phone is usually not waterproof and has no buoyancy, and it is not resistant to falling. At the swaying yacht, you can’t always fix your phone on the table, if you are not careful, your phone may fall to the ground. Nowadays, phones are all big screens. If it falls off the table, the only end is broken. If you accidentally fall into the sea, you can say goodbye to your phone. The VHF marine radio will not be like this, with good fall resistance and waterproof performance. Unless you dismantle it violently, it will not break down. Even if it falls into the sea, it will float above the sea and convenient for salvage.

Retevis Marine is a professional VHF marine radio supplier, providing professional marine radio for your yacht.

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