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Best VHF Marine Radio

No matter what type of sailor you are, no matter what boat you sail, an essential piece of kit is a good VHF marine radio. Not only does a marine radio serve as a vital safety tool in case something should go wrong onboard, but it is also a crucial communications tool more generally. With the development of time, VHF marine radios are not only used for communication purposes. Over the years. Many advances have been made in increasing functionality.  ...

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The importance of Marine radio on Inland Waterways

Not everyone knows the flag language and light signals on the ship. But the inland waterways are becoming busier with increased commercial traffic, the VHF marine radio is becoming an essential piece of equipment. Now many countries have stipulated that boats on inland waterways must also carry VHF marine radios, such as Witham and Humber. As a result, many users of boats are being advised to use VHF marine radio as a primary safety tool to aid communication and navigation.  ...

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