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How to test a VHF marine radio?

In the past, the Sea Tow automatic radio inspection system could be used in the U.S.A to detect the VHF marine radio, this system can be used on VHF channels 24 to 28. But now, this system is no longer available and was terminated on October 2, 2020. How can we continue to test our VHF marine radio for free? The answer is Rescue 21 coastal stations.  ...

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Best VHF Marine Radio

No matter what type of sailor you are, no matter what boat you sail, an essential piece of kit is a good VHF marine radio. Not only does a marine radio serve as a vital safety tool in case something should go wrong onboard, but it is also a crucial communications tool more generally. With the development of time, VHF marine radios are not only used for communication purposes. Over the years. Many advances have been made in increasing functionality.  ...

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VHF Marine Radio User Guide

Whichever way you enjoy the water, a VHF marine radio is an important safety tool that will ensure that you stay safe and can contact other boaters, marinas, or safety organizations. Whether you are new to boating or an experienced sea hand, Retevis marine radio has provided several tips to improve your experience, optimize the use of your radio and hopefully keep yourself safe.  ...

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Marine VHF Radio Of The Retevis RA27

The Retevis RA27 offers everything you could ever want from a VHF marine radio. The sound quality is impeccable! Plus, the radio has an adjustable multicolor LCD screen, integrated GPS, and DSC. It can be used on VHF bands. The adjustable audio feature allows clear messages to be communicated across the noisiest environments. The internal speaker has a rated output of 3W, hence why sound quality is so sufficient.   ...

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What to consider when choosing a VHF marine radio

Look at why you need a VHF marine radio and ask yourself “ what is best for me?” If you want to move onto venturing further out to sea, a small budget fixed radio providing the extra range may be worth considering. A large yacht sailing further offshore will need greater range so a fixed mount radio will be a better solution. And all boat and yacht should consider AIS function.  ...

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Do we have a marine VHF radio if we already have a cell phone?

For many sailors, cell phones have become their primary means of both ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communication. Even the Coast Guard will often ask for a cell number after it receives a distress call. None of this, however, makes a VHF radio any less important. A handheld VHF marine radio is your lifeline at sea; be on the ship, watercraft or boat sailing, fishing, or just doing your job.  ...

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Guide of VHF Marine Radio

The most popular way of communicating at sea is via a marine VHF (Very High Frequency) set. These are combined transmitter/receivers that operate on allocated frequencies known as ‘channels’. Marine VHF radios are used for a variety of purposes including; contacting harbours, marinas, locks, summoning the rescue services and ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship communication.  ...

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Why should i have a VHF marine radio

We often get people asking us why they should purchase a Marine VHF Radio when a cell phone can have a strong signal whilst out on the water. The answer is simple – we acknowledge that cell phones are a great tool to have on a boat…But – VHF radios are a form of communication that will ensure your distress messages are broadcasted and are more likely to get a rapid response of help.  ...

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RA27 enter-level VHF marine radio

Retevis powerful VHF RA27 marine radios have been designed for both OEM and aftermarket applications. Featuring an updated industrial design and sleek aesthetics. The RA27 is Retevis’s entry-level radio, offering 25W of transmit power and Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) compatibility via NMEA 2000.  ...

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How to set MMSI on your VHF marine radio

MMSI is Maritime Mobile Service Identity and a unique 9 digit number that is entered into DSC-marine radio equipment. The MMSI number contain you or your vessel information. When using this equipment to send a distress alert or to indicate some other emergency, the number is transferred into the coast guard’s database to assists the emergency services center to identify you or your vessel and react quickly.  ...

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