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The important of marine vhf radio when sea fishing

Sea fishing/offshore fishing is an exciting sport and popular loved by people. If you wanna do this, as part of your planning, you not only need fishing rods, baits, and other devices but more importantly, a marine handheld radio is a necessary equipment for handling trouble offshore and even saving your life. Marine handheld radio allows you to communicate with others on the sea that is a very important thing. You can request assistance at CH-16 or talk to other fishermen by other channels.  ...

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Using a VHF Marine Radio

For good reasons, VHF maritime broadcasting is becoming more and more popular with rowers., They can save lives and are easy to use. In maritime communications, they are more effective than CB radios or mobile phones. VHF broadcasting has a more consistent reception than mobile phones. No license is required for use on leisure boats.  ...

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