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Marine VHF Radio Of The Retevis RA27

Marine VHF Radio Of The Retevis RA27

The Retevis RA27 offers everything you could ever want from a VHF marine radio. The sound quality is impeccable! Plus, the radio has an adjustable multicolor LCD screen, integrated GPS, and DSC. It can be used on VHF bands. The adjustable audio feature allows clear messages to be communicated across the noisiest environments. The internal speaker has a rated output of 3W, hence why sound quality is so sufficient. 

Winning Features of the Retevis RA27



Superior sound quality, sounds like the person on the other end is sitting next to you

Easy to use and set up. Users can easily use every feature

Reaches or exceeds stated specs for sensitivity, power output, distortion and IM

Incredibly durable—can stand up to just about anything

Pre-formatted and ad-hoc text messaging capabilities

Part 90 approved for licensed commercial

High quality RX and TX specifications

Ease of Use

This radio makes maritime communication easy. The knobs and buttons are easy to identify and operate. A single knob adjusts volume, and then there are other additional buttons. One is the distress button, four buttons are dedicated to setting features, and the remaining buttons can be choose channel and setting nagivation. Buttons are backlit to improve usability in all lighting conditions.

The Durability of Retevis RA27

Nothing beats the durability of a Retevis VHF marine radio. The RA27 is made to work no matter what happens—from rain, to fire, to harsh falls, you might be surprised just how durable this radio really is.

This radio is made from a combination of die-cast aluminum and plastic. The aluminum works as a heat sink to prevent the radio from overheating by more efficiently expelling heat.

No matter if you need reliable VHF marine radio onboard a large ship, at a yacht and fishing ship, or for security to communicate of cargo ship, this radio is up to any challenge.

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