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How to set MMSI on your VHF marine radio

How to set MMSI on your VHF marine radio

MMSI is Maritime Mobile Service Identity and a unique 9 digit number that is entered into DSC-marine radio equipment. The MMSI number contain you or your vessel information. When using this equipment to send a distress alert or to indicate some other emergency, the number is transferred into the coast guard’s database to assists the emergency services center to identify you or your vessel and react quickly. However, how to set MMSI on your VHF marine radio? The Retevis RA27 has the detail steps.

RA27 has the MMSI function and can be written by PC software, or it can be set manually on itself.

  • Hold on the [PER] knob to turn on your marine radio, then the radio beeps, and display” Push [OK] to register your MMSI” and press [OK] to input MMSI.
  • You can press the [BACK] button to cancel the setting during the process and come back to the normal model. RA27 can not transmit DSC calls after the canceling setting.
  • Input your MMSI, press [  ]/[  ] buttons to select numbers you need. Press [OK] to confirm the number and rotate the knob to choose the next number site. Repeat the above steps to enter the 9 digits contained in the MMSI.
  • Press the [FIN] button to confirm the numbers you enter and input your MMSI again.
  • When your MMSI set success, the screen will display the following picture:


When the radio prompts that the setting is successful, you can use the MMSI code normally, such as obtaining the ship’s position, communicating with the coast guard in real-time, etc. Different brands of maritime radios have different MMSI settings, which cannot be regarded as the same. We need to study the setting method and input MMSI accurately to improve travel safety. Whether we are crew members or fishing enthusiasts, we need to be responsible for our safety.

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