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Best VHF Marine Radio

Best VHF Marine Radio

No matter what type of sailor you are, no matter what boat you sail, an essential piece of kit is a good VHF marine radio. Not only does a marine radio serve as a vital safety tool in case something should go wrong onboard, but it is also a crucial communications tool more generally.

With the development of time, VHF marine radios are not only used for communication purposes. Over the years. Many advances have been made in increasing functionality. Many radios can now be registered with a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number so rescue services such as the coastguard can be supplied with information about who is sending a distress signal. Features may also include frequency scanning; weather reports; GPS integration; and an ability to automatically send distress signals. Today, here we are going to focus on mounted VHF marine radios. 

Retevis RA27 Marine Radio

Retevis’s RA27 was launched as the first fixed mount VHF marine radio with integrated GPS. This marine radio has plenty of features including active noise-canceling technology, integrated AIS receiver, GPS, vibration drain water function, and Retevis’s well-liked proprietary menu-driven user interface and large matrix display making it to use. This marine radio is equipped with a GPS receiver and connection point for an optional GPS antenna, which improves the GPS reception when the radio is mounted below the deck or in an enclosed pilothouse.

RA27 is one of the smallest fixed mount VHF marine radios on the market with a front face so compact that its size is 155*68*86mm and weighing only 720g in total. Given its small size, the radio is aimed at a market where space is at a premium and so there is necessarily some giving up of features seen in the larger units. However, quite a bit has been maintained even in a unit this size. The unit is controlled via a directional keypad, with soft keys providing simple operation. Most used functions are assigned to soft keys for quick one push function access.

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