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4 Benefits of working with our marine communication consultants

4 Benefits of working with our marine communication consultants

Here are 4 Benefits of Working with our Marine Communication Consultants

We help find the best solutions for your team

Our goal throughout the consulting and assessment process is to determine the most cost effective and efficient solution to meet your needs. If privacy is of greatest concern, we have you covered! If you’re more concerned with communication reliability… no need to worry!

Our team has vast experience with design, installation, and follow-up service—allowing you to provide greater attention and oversight to safety. In fact, we have delivered countless custom radio systems and solutions.

Rely on radios that meet all regulations & requirements

As of 2016, SOLAS mandated new regulations relating to radio communications for fire teams on ships. To meet requirements, all vessels must carry at least 2 two-way Marine Fire Team Radios that are intrinsically safe. This means radios are designed to withstand high heat and emergency situations.

We know the ins and outs of radio regulations and requirements. You can rely on our extensive experience to ensure your communication systems meet the latest standards for safety and reliability.

SOLAS Radios

Speaking of SOLAS radio requirements, we have all the equipment you need to outfit your vessel for utmost safety. SOLAS Marine Fire Team Radios are specially designed to fulfill all marine safety needs.

Radio repairs on-demand

Enjoy easy access to reliable two-way radio repairs and optional 24/7 support for system issues. We can remotely access your system to troubleshoot and solve problems on-demand, even in the middle of the night. We offer competitive pricing that won’t break the budget. By operating with flexibility, we offer customized communication solutions for a wide variety of budgets, industries, and scenarios.

If you want to make a maritime communication solution, please contact us anytime and obtain free consulting service.

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